Desktop Controls Explained

The desktop controls are broken down into 5 areas, separated by horizontal dividers.

Account Information

This section displays your username, and session status. There is some variation between our Mac and Windows clients.

  • Sync Freedom: Manually sync blocklists and sessions

Start Session

This section will allow you to start a Freedom session directly from your desktop menu.

  • Select Devices: Choose devices for the session
  • Select Blocklists: Choose blocklists for the session
  • Start a Session: Start session with selected devices and blocklists
  • Schedule a Session: Managed scheduled sessions


This section allows you to control the Freedom app's behavior.

  • Manage Freedom: Opens your dashboard
  • Manage Blocked Windows/Mac Apps: Opens a list of desktop apps that you can block with Desktop App blocking. Note: apps need to be running to populate on this list.
  • Options → Start at Login: When enabled, Freedom will start at login.
  • Options → Disable Quit During Sessions: When enabled, Freedom will prevent you from quitting during a running session.
  • Options → Advanced Options → Block Everything: (Mac only) If selected, all network connectivity is blocked during "Block everything" sessions.
  • Options → Advanced Options → Block Email and Chat: (Mac only) If selected, desktop email and chat programs will be blocked during any kind of session.


  • About Freedom: Displays current version number
  • Launch Tour: Launches a setup guide
  • Update Freedom: Checks for updates

Sign out

  • Sign out: Logs out of the client (useful for switching users)
  • Quit: Quits the client
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