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How to Block Apps on Android
How to Block Apps on Android

This article provides instructions for selecting which applications to block and how to add app blocking to a session.

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Step 1: Enable app blocking

After downloading Freedom, the first thing you'll need to do is enable app blocking. You can do this by tapping 'Learn more and enable' under 'Blocklists now support apps!' on the Today screen:

Step 2: Add apps to your blocklist(s)

To choose the apps you wish to block, tap the Blocklists icon on the bottom of the screen. To create a new blocklist, tap the green + icon at the bottom right. You can also edit an existing blocklist by tapping the blocklist name.

Tap Add Android apps to blocklist to select which apps you would like to block with this blocklist.

After you've selected your apps, tap the back button to return to the Create Blocklist screen.

You can also use Freedom's Curated Filters to add both apps and websites to your blocklist. These filters contain all popular apps and websites under a certain category. To see a complete list of apps and websites included in a category, tap View All.

Once you've finished adding apps to your blocklist, tap Save at the top right to save the blocklist.

Step 3: Add your blocklist to a session

Once you've decided which apps to block, be sure to include the blocklist in your session settings:

If you're starting the session from your Freedom Dashboard, select the blocklist under "Block these Distractions."

After completing these steps, apps should be blocked! If you're having any trouble, please see Freedom for Android Troubleshooting.


Q: Why is Freedom blocking an Android app that's not on my blocklist?

A: Usually, this is because the app is included in a filter that you've added to the blocklist (Social, Messaging, etc.) For more information on curated filters, please see Android blocklist and session setup.

Q: Can I create multiple app blocklists, so that I can block different apps at different times?

A: Yes! Now that apps are added directly to blocklists, you can create multiple blocklists with different selections of apps.

Q: Can I choose apps to block on different device types all in one place? Will blocking an app on Android also block it on my desktop computer?

A: No, the apps that you want to block have to be selected locally on each device.

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