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How to block apps on Mac
How to block apps on Mac

This article provides instructions for blocking desktop apps on Mac

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What is Desktop App Blocking?

Desktop app blocking enables Freedom to hide, or even quit, desktop apps during your Freedom session. This means that you can block your access to mail clients, games, music streaming, editing software, word processors, and more.

How to use Desktop App Blocking

To access your blocked apps list on Mac, click Manage Blocked Desktop Apps in the Freedom dropdown menu.

Manage blocked desktop apps Mac

Next, a window will open up which allows you to select the apps you want to block. Click on the apps you'd like to block, and then click Save.

Note: Freedom may have trouble finding some apps on your computer the first time. To fix this, first open the app you want to block, and then click Manage Blocked Desktop Apps again. The app should now appear on the list to be selected.

Finally, visit your dashboard and add Desktop Apps to your session under Block these distractions. Freedom will block your selected desktop apps when this blocklist is on your session.

Let's Recap

To block apps on Mac, you need to:

  1. Select the apps you wish to block with the Freedom desktop app menu.

  2. Add Desktop Apps to your session.

  3. When you run a Freedom session containing this blocklist, the app blocking feature will turn on.

Hiding vs. Quitting Apps

Desktop app blocking on Mac, by default, will hide blocked apps instead of fully quitting them. If you'd like Freedom to fully quit the apps on your blocklist, you can choose Kill Blocked Apps in the Freedom desktop menu under Options.

Please use caution with this setting. Killing the app could result in unsaved work if a Freedom session starts while you are working in an app you wish to block.

Please Note:

  • You must select the apps you wish to block individually on your devices. The apps you choose to block on your desktop only affect that device.

  • You won't be able to remove selected apps from the blocked apps list if you are running an active session that includes Desktop Apps and you have Locked Mode enabled from the Freedom desktop app menu > Options.

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