Follow the instructions below to create a Start Now block session. To learn more about scheduling a block sessions in advance (Start Later or Recurring Sessions), click here.

Your Freedom account comes with a default blocklist called Distracting Websites that blocks some of our most commonly blocked websites and app. To learn about adding to that blocklist, or creating your own custom blocklist, see Adding custom websites to a blocklist.


  1. Mac + Windows

  2. iOS

  3. Android

Mac + Windows

1. Launch the Freedom app on your desktop.

2. Open your browser and visit to access your Freedom dashboard, or select Launch Dashboard from the Freedom app menu.

3. From the dashboard, create blocklists for the websites you want to block.

For help with adding a websites blocklist, click here.
For help adding mobile and desktop apps to a blocklist, click here.

4. Select Start Now at the top of your dashboard and enter how many hours and minutes you want the block to last.

5. Select {Your blocklist name} under Block these distractions:

6. Select what devices you want to include in your block. 

7. Select Start.

Once you have created a few blocklists and installed Freedom on your desktop computer, you can also start a Freedom session directly from the app in your menu bar:

1. Select devices

2. Select blocklists

3. Choose a session length and start your session


1. Launch the Freedom app on your device and log in.

2. Select the Start session tab at the bottom

3. Select which devices you’d like to include in your block session.

4. Select which blocklists you'd like to include in your block session

5. Select either the Session Length or the End Time of the session.

To start a session later or create a recurring session see section Start later and recurring sessions.


1. Launch the Freedom app on your device and log in.

2. Select the New session tab at the bottom

3. Select which devices and blocklists you would like to block during the session, and choose the amount of time you would like the session to run.

4, Select "Start Session."

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or chat with us via the green chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the page. We're happy to help!

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