Your Freedom session history provides an interactive history of the Freedom sessions you have run.  

Your session history lists information about the dates, times, blocklists, and devices included in your sessions.  We've also included a summary of the time saved with Freedom over the past week.

Adding accomplishments to sessions

If you'd like to keep track of what you accomplished during your sessions, you can edit and add notes to individual sessions.

After you edit the session, click "Save Notes" and your annotation will be saved.  You can also click the button to share information about your session on the socials.

Additional information and improvements

Your session history is private, viewable only by you.  Some people run 24 hour sessions - we are not storing 24 hour sessions in the history for the time being.  This feature is evolving and we're interested in your ideas for how to improve!

Disabling session history

If you'd prefer to not keep a session history, you can disable session history from your profile page.  Turn "Session History" to off.  This will remove your entire session history, and any associated annotations.  You can re-enable session history at any time.

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