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Blocks not working?

Please note that iOS app blocking works by preventing apps from loading new content, so you'll still be able to open the app and see older, cached content. If blocks don't seem to be working:

Freedom isn't staying active in the background, or sessions aren't syncing?

Freedom Push Notifications Explained

  • "Freedom requires your attention. Open app now to end session"

    This notification indicates that your iOS device has put the Freedom app into the background to conserve battery. This is a normal process and the next step is to re-open the Freedom app to end your session.

  • “Your device put Freedom to sleep. Tap here to start session”

    You will see this notification when the Freedom platform is attempting to start a session on your iOS device, but your iOS device has put the Freedom app into the background. This is normal behavior, and to resolve the issue, please re-open the Freedom app which will start the session.

  • “Session Started”

    This indicates that a block session has started on the device.

  • “Session Ended”

    This indicates that a block session has ended on the device.

  • “(Domain) is blocked by Freedom”

    i.e. “Facebook is blocked by Freedom”

    This indicates that Freedom has blocked the network connection for this app or website.

Additional Information

Having trouble?

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