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This article provides instructions on what to do if Freedom is not working as expected on iOS and links to articles with more information

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This article lists possible problems you might experience using Freedom on your iPhone or iPad, and their solutions.

Apps or websites are not blocked

If apps, websites, or both are not getting blocked on iOS, please go through the following troubleshooting steps:

Ensure blocking tools are installed

Tip: the Content Blocker is needed for blocking websites in Safari. To also block websites in non-Safari browsers, install the Freedom Profile (VPN).

Make sure you’ve added iOS apps to your blocklist

  • You can check this by tapping ‘Add iOS Apps to block’ on the Edit Blocklist screen. For more details, see How to Block Apps on iOS

Review the number of apps and categories on your blocklist

  • Apple currently limits us to blocking up to 49 apps and categories at a time with Screen Time. Try removing some of the apps on your blocklist, and/or block full categories whenever possible. For example, select the entire “Social” category instead of selecting all of the individual apps within Social.

Make sure Freedom is active on your device

  • If opening the Freedom app on your device gets your session to start, this suggests the app was not active. Check out our document here for more info and tips for keeping Freedom active: Ensuring Freedom is active on iOS

Check “Always Allowed” apps

  • If apps aren't getting blocked with the Freedom green screen when they are supposed to, head to your iOS Settings > Screen Time > Always Allowed and make sure the app(s) you want to block aren’t listed under Allowed Apps.

Check Screen Time limits

  • If you are using Freedom and Apple’s built-in Screen Time app limiting tools at the same time, ignoring your Screen Time limits will cause these apps not to be blocked by Freedom. You can check if you have Screen Time limits set up by going to your iOS Settings > Screen Time > App Limits.

Sessions don’t start or end at the scheduled time

  • If sessions start late and/or don't start until you open the Freedom app on your device, please see Ensuring Freedom is active on iOS for tips on how to keep Freedom active so that sessions start and end on time.

Apps are blocked unexpectedly

  • If an app is unable to load new content or connect to the Internet during your block session, you most likely have the Freedom Profile (VPN) installed and have included the app’s associated filter or domain on your blocklist (for example, the Meta filter will prevent Whatsapp from functioning correctly).

  • You can either remove the filter that is causing the issue, or use Freedom without the VPN Profile installed. For more details on the VPN and how it works, see The Freedom Profile (VPN) Explained.

Screen Time permissions can't be enabled

  • For app blocking on iOS 16+, Freedom needs access to Screen Time. When setting up app blocking (see: How to block apps on iOS), you may find that nothing happens after you go to enable the permission. This happens when Face ID or Touch ID hasn't been enabled on your device. To fix this, go to your iOS Settings > Face ID (or Touch ID) & Passcode, and turn on these features. You will then be able to return to the Freedom app and enable the permissions.

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