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This articles provides a detailed list of commonly asked questions regarding the Freedom iOS app.

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Why does Freedom install a VPN profile?

The Freedom VPN profile is installed to block websites in non-Safari browsers. In versions prior to Freedom 6.0, it is also needed to block apps. We use Apple's Network Extensions technology to install a "Limited VPN" that blocks content on your phone, where it is fast and secure, and never sent to our servers. So while the Freedom Profile uses VPN technology, it is NOT a VPN. It never connects to a remote service, and it never sends your traffic off the phone.

Will my internet speed be impacted by the VPN profile?

No. As all blocks happen directly on the phone, there is no noticeable difference in internet speed!

Will battery be impacted by the VPN profile?

No. Since only a very small portion of your traffic is going over the VPN, we don’t require the extra battery consumption to run a full VPN.

Can Freedom block apps on iOS?

Yes! Freedom blocks apps on iOS. For more information on how to block apps, see How to block apps on iOS.

Why don't I see the green screen for blocked pages like on my desktop?

Since the method we use to block websites for iOS is different from the method used on Mac OS X and Windows, we aren't able to display a green block page for blocked websites. However, starting with Freedom 6.0 for iOS, we do display the green screen for blocked apps.

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