Freedom allows you to block email apps on desktop and mobile devices, and also allows you to block email in your web browser. Here's a video overview of how to block email using Freedom:

For specific instructions according to device type, please see below.


To block email on Windows or Mac, you can block your email app or block the URL for your email service.

Method 1: Block your email app

To block your email app from being opened, use app blocking to block your email client. To learn how to block apps, please see How to Block Apps on Windows or How to Block Apps on Mac.

Note: On Windows, desktop app blocking will quit blocked apps. Please use caution with this, as desktop app blocking will quit the app, potentially losing unsaved work if a Freedom session starts while you are working in an app you wish to block (e.g. drafting an email).

Method 2: block the URL of your email service

To block access to email via the browser, you will need to add your email provider's URL to your website blocklist. For more information on adding websites to your blocklist, please see Adding custom websites to a blocklist.


Since Freedom for iOS blocks using URLs, you will need to identify your email address' IMAP and SMTP servers, and add those URLs to your blocklist to block incoming and outgoing mail.

Here are the URLs for common email providers:

  • AOL:,

  • iCloud:,

  • MSN:,

  • Microsoft 365:,


  • Yahoo!:,

  • Gmail: We have a premade filter for blocking Gmail, so you don't have to enter the URLs. To block the Gmail app and Gmail accounts in the iOS Mail app, simply add the Gmail filter to your blocklist.

If your email provider is not on this list, a simple web search should be able to help. If your email is through your company or school, you may need to contact your IT department to determine the correct IMAP and SMTP server URLs.


To block email on Android, just add your email app to your list of blocked applications. It will then be blocked any time you run sessions that include 'Block Apps'. For more information, please see How to Block Apps on Android.

If you access your email through a browser on Android, you will need to add the URL of your email provider to your website blocklist. For more information, see Setting up your website blocklist.

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