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This article explains how to add website exceptions with Freedom Website Exceptions

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We're very excited to announce that our Windows app now has the ability to allow browsing only certain websites via Freedom Website Exceptions! You can allow both entire domains (ie. and subdomains (ie. with Website Exceptions. 

How to add Website Exceptions

  1. To add website exceptions, click Manage Website Exceptions on the Freedom desktop menu:

2. Enter a site and click Add Site. There is no need to include the standard beginning parts of the url, like http:// and www.

Add exception

3. To enable your exceptions list, select Enable Website Exceptions.

Enable website exceptions

3. Start a session. The sites in your list will not be blocked! 


Q. Do I have to run a "Block All Websites" session for Website Exceptions to work?

A. You can use Website Exceptions with both Block All Websites sessions and sessions that only use your custom blocklists! Sites will be allowed for both setups.

Q. Can I add sites to my exceptions list during a block session?

A. To avoid "cheating" or getting around your pre-determined blocks, website exceptions cannot be added during active sessions.

Q. Do website exceptions work on all browsers?

A. Currently, website exceptions for Windows work on the browsers listed here: Supported Browsers for Website Exceptions and Non-Proxy Mode on Windows. We're working to add support for more browsers with additional updates. Please feel free to let us know which browsers you'd like website exceptions added to via our Feature Request Survey!

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

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