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Freedom and the Pomodoro Technique
Freedom and the Pomodoro Technique

This article describes how to set up Freedom for use with the Pomodoro technique.

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At Freedom, we love the Pomodoro technique. With its focus on mono-tasking and fighting against distractions, we share many of the same core values. This is likely why we also have so many of our customers tell us how they use Freedom and the Pomodoro technique in tandem – the power couple of productivity.

Freedom is the perfect Pomodoro companion because it allows one to block distractions for a set amount of time – like 25 minutes. You can set up Pomodoro sessions with Recurring, Start Later or Start Now sessions.

Recurring or Start Later

You can set up a series of Pomodoro sessions using Freedom's Recurring or Start Later Sessions feature. Here is an example of what a classic Pomodoro setup would look like on your Freedom Dashboard:

The above example is a classic Pomodoro setup of four 25-minute sessions with five minute breaks, followed by a 20 minute break after session four, then another set of four. You can customize this to your needs. For help with setting up recurring/future sessions in general, please see Start Later and Recurring Sessions.

Start Now

You can manually start a timed Freedom session using Start Now. This can be done from the desktop app, the mobile app, or the browser dashboard.

On Mac or Windows, the quickest way to start a session is through the Freedom desktop menu. From this menu, you can select the blocklists and devices you want to block for your Pomodoro session, and then select Start a Session and enter your preferred length of time (e.g., 25 minutes). After you've set this up, the app will remember your most recent settings on that device, so you'll be able to quickly start a session that blocks the same websites/apps, for the same amount of time, with two clicks.

Start a session on Mac

Likewise, the iOS and Android apps will remember the most recent settings you used on that particular device for a Start Now session:

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

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