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Freedom for iOS app options explained
Freedom for iOS app options explained

This article provides a detailed explanation of the options in our iOS app.

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Below you will find a breakdown of all the options you can find in our iOS app. For more information on initial setup of the app, please see How to install Freedom for iPhone or iPad.


The Today tab contains information about your active and scheduled sessions, and an option to schedule a session to start later in the day. It displays any Important Actions you might need to take to ensure block sessions are working on your device. It also shows a feed of the most recent blog posts from our website.

Start Session

On the Start Session tab, you can select one or more blocklists and devices, choose a session length time, and then tap ‘start’ to begin. For more information, see Starting a block session.


On the Blocklists tab, you’ll see a list of all your blocklists. You can tap on the three dots to the right of any blocklists you already created to edit or delete them. You can also tap ‘Add New Blocklist’ to create a new list. For more information, see How to add or remove sites from your blocklist.


The Sounds tab will have a list of focus sounds you can play during your sessions divided into different categories (Coffee Shops, Offices, etc.)


The Settings tab includes all of the settings options available within the iOS app.

Email address, account type (Trial or Premium), current device name, and current time zone.

Locked Mode - While enabled, you will be unable to log out of the Freedom app during your block session. Learn more about Locked Mode here: Locked Mode.

Showing blog posts on the sessions tab - toggling this OFF will remove the blog post feed from your Sessions tab in the iOS app

Blocking Tools

Here, you can Install our Freedom Profile and Content Blocker, and add app-blocking permissions (on iOS 16+). For more information, see How to Install Freedom for iPhone or iPad.

You can also toggle Enhanced Blocking off and on. This is used to prevent content from loading in certain apps, and is only needed for the older versions of Freedom (lower than iOS 16.0) that don't include app blocking. More info here: Enhanced Blocking


Adjust notifications for Session Start, Session End, and Domain Blocked. We recommend toggling ON notifications for Session Start and Session End, and setting notifications for Domain Blocked to Limited. Learn more about why it's important to enable notifications here: Ensuring that Freedom is active on iOS

More Information

About Freedom - Shows information about the Freedom app and the version number

System Details - your current Freedom iOS app settings. You may be asked for this information if you contact support for assistance

Freedom Support - contact support

Leave a Review - directs you to the iOS App Store to review the Freedom app

Tell a Friend About Freedom - shows options for sharing Freedom with a friend via text message, email, or social media

Terms of Service - This links to our Terms of Service page

Privacy Policy - This links to our Privacy Policy page

Social Media

Where to find Freedom on social media, and subscribe to our Freedom Matters podcast.

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

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