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Freedom for Android Supported Browsers
Freedom for Android Supported Browsers

These are the browsers compatible with Freedom for Android. If there's a browser you would like to see on this list, just let us know!

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The following browsers are programmed for website blocking on Android:

  • Google Chrome. id: Store Link

  • Samsung Internet Browser. id: Store Link

  • Firefox Browser. id: org.mozilla.firefox Store Link

  • Firefox Browser (Focus). id: org.mozilla.focus Store Link

  • Firefox for Android Beta. id: org.mozilla.firefox_beta Store Link

  • Brave Private Browser. id: com.brave.browser Store Link

  • Opera browser beta. id: com.opera.browser.beta Store Link

  • Opera browser with free VPN. id: com.opera.browser Store Link

  • Opera Mini browser beta. id: Store Link

  • Opera Mini. id: Store Link

  • Opera Touch. id: com.opera.touch Store Link

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser. id: Store Link

  • Android Browser. id: (Not available in the store, is preinstalled on stock Android OS)

  • Yandex. id: Store Link

  • Yandex Browser with Protect. id: Store Link

  • Samsung Internet Browser Beta. id: Store Link

  • Kiwi Browser. id: com.kiwibrowser.browser Store Link

  • Microsoft Edge. id: Store Link

  • Free Adblocker Browser. id: com.hsv.freeadblockerbrowser Store Link

  • Adblock Browser. id: org.adblockplus.browser Store Link

  • Maxthon browser id: Store Link

  • Chrome Beta. id: Store Link

  • Chrome Canary (Unstable). id: Store Link

  • Chrome Dev. id: Store Link

  • Default Amazon Browser. id: (Not available in the Google Play Store, is preinstalled on Amazon Kindle)

  • Firefox Nightly. id: org.mozilla.fenix Store Link

  • Bromite. id: org.bromite.bromite (Not available in the Google Play Store)

  • Tor Browser. id: org.torproject.torbrowser Store Link

  • Yuzu Browser. id: jp.hazuki.yuzubrowser Store Link

  • Vivaldi Browser with ad blocker. id: com.vivaldi.browser Store Link

  • Orbitum Browser. id: com.orbitum.browser Store Link

  • Aloha Browser Turbo. id: com.aloha.browser Store Link

  • Web Browser & Explorer. id: com.explore.web.browser Store Link

  • Ghostery Privacy Browser. id: Store Link

  • InBrowser. id: nu.tommie.inbrowser Store Link

  • JioPages. id: Store Link

  • Brave Browser. id: com.brave.browser_nightly Store Link

  • Brave Browser (Beta). id: com.brave.browser_beta Store Link

  • Surfy Browser. id: com.outcoder.browser Store Link

  • Спутник / Браузер (Russian browser). id: ru.sputnik.browser Store Link

  • Browser for Android. id: org.easyweb.browser Store Link

  • Ecosia. id: Store Link

  • Mi Browser Pro. id: com.mi.globalbrowser Store Link

  • Monument Browser. id: br.marcelo.monumentbrowser Store Link

  • UC Browser. id: com.UCMobile.intl Store Link

  • SPIN Safe Browser id: com.nationaledtech.spinbrowser Store Link

If you would like us to extend website blocking to another browser, just let us know and we will take care of it! Browser requests can be submitted through our feature request form.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble, please see Freedom for Android Troubleshooting.

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