Freedom menu items explained

Desktop Controls Explained

The desktop controls are broken down into 5 areas, separated by horizontal dividers.

Account Information

This section displays your username, and session status.  There is some variation between our Mac and Windows clients.

Start Session

This section will allow you to start a Freedom session directly from your desktop menu.

  • Select Devices: Choose devices for the session
  • Select Blocklists: Choose blocklists for the session
  • Start a Session: Start session with selected devices and blocklists
  • Schedule a Session: Managed scheduled sessions


This section allows you to control the Freedom app's behavior.

  • Manage Freedom: Opens your dashboard
  • Options → Start at Login: When enabled, Freedom will start at login.
  • Options → Disable Quit During Sessions: When enabled, Freedom will prevent you from quitting during a running session.
  • Options → Advanced Options → Block Everything: (Mac only) If selected, all network connectivity is blocked during "Block everything" sessions.
  • Options → Advanced Options → Block Email and Chat: (Mac only) If selected, desktop email and chat programs will be blocked during any kind of session. 


  • About Freedom: Displays current version number
  • Update Freedom: Checks for updates

Sign out

  • Sign out: Logs out of the client (useful for switching users)
  • Quit: Quits the client