First, we are sorry that you had to visit this page! As we push our new version of Freedom out into the wild, we're finding out about new issues - and working to fix them. In the meantime, here's some tips and tricks that should help with troubleshooting.

First, make sure the Freedom app is installed and logged in

The first step to troubleshoot is to make sure that the Freedom app is installed and logged in on your computer. If it isn't, you can install from our Freedom downloads page.

Next, sign in to our website and make sure that you see that your computer has shown up in your devices list. Once you see that, you should be good to go.

If you need help getting Freedom installed and logged in our computer, we've got detailed instructions:

If it still isn't working, you might want to try quitting and restarting the client, or even doing the old faithful computer restart. If you're seeing some delay in sessions getting started, this document can help.

Second, make sure your security software isn't blocking Freedom

Unfortunately, over-zealous security software may prevent Freedom from running.

To fix this, you can add Freedom to the allowed list on any security software you're running. Here's instructions on how to add programs to various allowed lists:

Please note - this list isn't comprehensive. A simple Google query will generally return instructions for how to add programs to the "allowed

Third, are you using Hola, or another Tunnel/VPN?

Unfortunately, Freedom is incompatible with browser-based tunneling and VPN programs. Here are some VPN's you might be running:

  • Hola
  • Ghostery
  • Tunnelbear
  • ZenMate
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Browsec
  • Corporate/Work VPN (Cisco, etc.)

Currently, our workaround is to temporarily disable the service. We are working on a permanent fix. We also strongly suggest completely removing Hola due to privacy and security concerns.

Fourth, check that the Windows proxy settings aren't being changed

If a session is running but sites aren't being blocked, check that the Windows proxy settings haven't been unset by something else in your system. Here is how to do that: /troubleshooting/general-troubleshooting/how-to-check-windows-proxy-settings

Specific Troubleshooting

If Freedom doesn't work on Chrome:

If Freedom doesn't work on Chrome, we've found the most common cause is a VPN service like Hola. To test if that's the case, you can try running Chrome in incognito mode (which generally disables all plugins). If Freedom works properly in incognito mode, then we know the issue is due to a Chrome extension. To help us troubleshoot, please open chrome://extensions/ ( instructions here) and send us the list of your enabled Chrome extensions.

If Freedom doesn't work on Firefox:

If you run into any trouble getting blocks to work on Firefox, please make the following configuration change: Open up Firefox Preferences, and then go to Advanced -> Network -> Connection -> Settings and choose "Use System Proxy Settings." Once these changes are complete, restart Firefox. If Firefox continues to give you troubles, ensure that you're not running a Tunnel or VPN such as Hola or Ghostery (see above).

If Freedom doesn't work on Safari:

Please ensure that you're not running a Tunnel or VPN such as Hola or Ghostery (see above).

Known Limitations

Here are the known limitations of the desktop apps.

If you've made it this far and are still experiencing difficulty, we're afraid to say that you may be running in to unknown limitations of our desktop apps. If things still aren't working, we're afraid that there may not be a resolution right now. That said, we're constantly improving Freedom (we just launched!) - and you can check back in a month or two as we push out new releases. If it helps, you can still purchase our legacy versions of Freedom and Anti-Social.

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