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Android Battery Optimization Settings
Android Battery Optimization Settings

This article describes how to make sure Freedom has the battery access it needs to work on Android.

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If accessibility permissions frequently stop working on your device, or if app blocking isn't working correctly after following all steps in Freedom for Android Troubleshooting, there may be battery optimization settings on your device that are interfering with Freedom.


Basic Battery Settings

To check whether Freedom has sufficient battery usage permissions, you can tap Settings > System Details. On this screen, "Battery Optimization" should say "Disabled." If it says "Enabled," try tapping Fix. This will take you to your device's battery settings, where you can change Freedom's battery settings to Not Optimized.

Advanced Battery Settings

If you have adjusted the battery settings above and are still seeing problems, this may be caused by advanced battery settings. These settings vary according to device type and OS, and some Android devices impose extra strict battery settings. This website is useful for finding ways to turn off battery optimization: We most frequently see battery optimization issues with the following Android devices:

Following the instructions above for your specific device type should prevent issues with Freedom's permissions.

A note about battery optimization apps

There are several third-party apps available that promise to optimize battery use on your Android device. Unfortunately, these apps are notorious for revoking background permissions for apps like Freedom, which need these permissions to work correctly.

If you have adjusted all battery settings using the tips above, but you are still finding that Freedom loses its permissions, please ensure you aren't using any battery optimization or cleaner apps.

Additional solutions to try

If you have tried all options above and are still seeing issues, here are some additional steps to try:

  • Activate device administrator permissions to ensure you're unable to force quit. On some device types, force quitting the app can affect app permissions. You can learn more about enabling device admin permissions here: Installing Freedom on your Android device.

  • Avoid battery saver mode. Even if you have adjusted battery settings to ensure battery optimization isn't enabled for Freedom, battery saver mode may override these settings on some devices. If you notice permissions issues after using battery saver mode, this may be the problem.

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

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