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How to edit your profile information
How to edit your profile information

This article explains how to change your Freedom account email address, time zone, or clock type.

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Your account name, email, time zone, and clock type can be adjusted by logging into

How to change your Freedom account name or email

If you need to change the email address or name on your account, fill out your new information at the top of the profile page linked above, and press enter to save.

How to change your time zone

To change the time zone on your account, choose it from the drop down on the profile page. This is the time zone that will be used to sync your sessions. They will always start during this time zone, even if your device's clock is set to a different time.

If you have an active session running in locked mode, you will not be able to change your timezone. If you would prefer not to wait for the session to end, feel free to contact support and we can adjust that for you!

Clock type

Freedom uses the 12-hour clock by default. If you would like to change this to the 24-hour/military time clock, you can do so from the profile page under "Clock."

Having trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

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