We're always working to improve Freedom, but the app does have some limitations. We'll list them here - and indicate if we're working on them.

Specific Limitations: Hola Tunnel

  • Freedom can not block websites if you are running the Hola service. Hola is a peer-to-peer tunneling service that acts very much like a VPN, and Freedom (or any other blocker) can not intercept VPN traffic. Until we develop a solution, please temporarily disable Hola while Freedom is running. There are multiple benefits to disabling Hola, as Hola has many known privacy and security vulnerabilities to using the service.

General Known Limitations

  • Blocking notifications. We're unable to block certain kinds of notifications, such as those generated by programs on your computer. We are able to block notifications generated by network activity (like getting a new mail message, or iChat) if you're running in "Block everything" mode.
  • Blocking third-party apps. Freedom can block third-party apps on your computer, but you'll need to configure Freedom with the address the apps are connecting to. We can help with that, just send a support message.
  • Preventing third-party apps from opening. Freedom cannot prevent apps from opening.
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