First off, we're very sorry about not being able to block the Instagram app on iOS. In early October, Instagram released an update to its app that made the app non-blockable on most connections. We did a very deep dive trying to investigate if there were any changes we could make to resume blocking, and unfortunately we did not have much success. Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now using the same technology that renders the Facebook app non-blockable.

Please know, on our end, we did not make any changes to allow Instagram through. Trust us, we know how much of a distraction Instagram can be, and we'd love to help you be able to block the app. We're continuing our research and if we do uncover any methods to block Instagram, we'll push an update to our lists.

It's not all bad news, however. We have been researching and did some proof-of-concept work on technology that will allow us to block apps, including the Facebook and Instagram app. We are currently exploring updating our app with this technology, but there are questions of wether or not Apple will allow this technology into the App Store. This is one of our absolute top priorities, so please know we're working hard to get it fixed

In the meantime, you can read more about this issue and see a workaround here:

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