Thank you for trying out Freedom for Android!  We are very excited to share it with you.

Freedom for Android is currently in an "open Beta."  This means that we're still collecting feedback and on the lookout for performance issues.  You can share feedback about the Freedom app here.

Downloading Freedom

To get started, first download the Freedom app via Google Play.  Once you install it, log in with your Freedom account email and password.

The Freedom for Android app currently works by blocking applications and notifications.  It does not block individual websites due to policy restrictions of the Play store.  That being said, we are working on this feature for a forthcoming release.

Choose the apps you wish to block

To choose the apps you wish to bloc, select "Blocklists" and then tap "Managed Blocked Applications."

On this screen, you can select the apps you wish to block while a Freedom session is running.

Start a session

Once you select apps you wish to block, you can start a Freedom session.  Click on "Start Session" and you can create a blocking session.  Make sure that "Block Android Apps" is included in your Blocklists, and select the devices and times you'd like the session to run. Then start your session.

Permissions Required

To block apps and notifications, you'll need to enable permissions for the Freedom app.  You will be prompted to enable these permissions as you use the app, but you can also set them up via the Settings screen.

Feedback and Features to Come

We'd love your feedback and feature requests!  You can share those with us via our feedback form.

We will be working hard to improve the functionality and user experience as we roll this out.  Our roadmap includes website blocking, whitelisting, and other useful features.  We'll also be fully integrating Android into our web dashboard when we move it out of Beta.

Thank you for your help as we launch!

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