Installing Freedom on your iPhone or iPad

To begin using Freedom on your iOS device first   download the Freedom app from App Store.  Please note Freedom requires you to use iOS 9 or later.
Once you download the app, open it and sign in with your account email and password.

Second step - Install the Freedom App Blocker

We need to install a network profile to be able to block the content you choose.  You'll only need to install this profile once - to complete hit "Install App Blocker":

You'll be taken to this screen, where you can tap "Install App Blocker" one more time.

Finally, allow the VPN Configuration.

Once profile is installed, you will be redirected back to the app.  You will not see a VPN icon, but the software is successfully installed.

Manage settings

Clicking on the settings icon will take you to our setting screen.  Here you can enable locked mode, configure notifications, and reinstall the app blocker if necessary.

Locked Mode: Prevents sign-out while the program is running.

Notifications: Show notifications when sessions start and end.  Good for people using a schedule.

Questions about our App Blocker

Is your App Blocker a VPN?

With our iOS 2.0 application, blocks are immediate, and do not require a VPN connection. We use Apple's Network Extensions technology to install a "Limited VPN" that blocks content on your phone, where it is fast and secure, and never sent to our servers.  So while the App Blocker uses VPN technology, it is NOT a VPN.  It never connects to a remote service, and it never sends your traffic off the phone.

Will my internet speed be impacted by App Blocker?

No. As all blocks happen directly on the phone, there is no noticeable difference in internet speed.

Will battery be impacted by your App Blocker?

No. Since only a very small portion of your traffic is going over the VPN, we don’t require the extra battery consumption to run a full VPN.

Will I see a VPN Icon?

No - you will never see a VPN icon with our 2.0 version.  Prior versions (>1.15) did include a VPN icon, but we've completely abandoned that technology. 

When I try to visit a page that is blocked, how come I don't see the green Freedom block page like on the desktop?

Since the method we use to block websites for iOS is different from the method used on Mac OS X and Windows, we aren't able to display a nice block page at this time.