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Freedom for Android release notes
Freedom for Android release notes
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Below you will find the release notes for recent updates to Freedom for Android.

Version 1.81.369

June 2023

  • The primary feature is Apps in Blocklists. It includes several important changes:

    • The active session info contains the list of blocked apps. The apps are blocked based on this list provided from the server.

    • The blocklist "Block apps" now blocks only apps on the desktop devices. The name of the blocklist is delivered from the server.

    • The old header allowing to manage blocked apps on the device is no longer available.

    • Curated filters contain both apps and websites

Version 1.80.357

May 2, 2023

  • Added Today screen

  • Fixed an issue where the size of the button of the snackbar was too small

  • Fixed an issue where the localisation is not applied to the Hello Screen

  • Fixed an issue where the validation of the URLs on the Blocklist details screen was broken

Version 1.79

March 8, 2023

  • Fixed the notification message for the running session. Now it includes minutes unless its length is more than 24 hours.

  • Fixed the bug, when the custom color theme is ignored after the app was forced close or the device was restarted.

  • Added default support of Private Internet Browser. Also, the change is made in Remote Config, so probably all users already have the update.

  • Added new events to Analytics, which provides the state of the google subscription (partially testable).

  • Fixed the bug, when on Xiaomi devices the Upgrade Account screen can be shown every 5 seconds without any limit.

  • Fixed the bug, when on some devices DND mode could continue after the session was finished.

Version 1.78.346

November 17, 2022

  • Titles are updated on the Hello Screen

  • Upgrade Account screen changes

  • Blocked Apps Management screen UX improved

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