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Below you will find the release notes for recent updates to Freedom for iOS.

Version 6.4

May 2023

Client Redesign - Blocklist Initiatives
- Redesign the Blocklists screen (Blocklists tab)
- Redesign the Blocklist Editor screen
- Redesign Blocklist Selector screen
- Redesign Read Only Blocklist View
- Implement Learn About Blocklists guidance

Today screen improvements
- Improve Today screen layout on iPad App

Blocking advertisement changes
- Display VPN Install in Important Actions only when required

General improvements/fixes
- Synchronize "Log In" & "Sign Up" language cross platform
- Skips creating Distractions blocklist on sign up
- Drops the legacy Block All Websites and Block Desktop Apps

Version 6.3

March 27, 2023

iOS App Blocking improvements/fixes

  • Display a prompt message when pressing “Cancel” on the “Edit Blocklist” screen if was any change

  • Fixed an issue with the Screen Time message that does not disappear after giving the permission

App Blocking advertisement changes

  • Removed the built-in “Block Apps” blocklist (This means we’re not able to create a session with the iOS client app anymore that blocks apps on other platforms)

  • Prompt the Screen Time permission request on session start if that requires that

Today screen improvements

  • Fixed UI discrepancies on older iOS versions (for iOS 13 and 14)

General improvements/fixes

  • Localized the iOS app (for English only)

  • Cleaned up class coding/decoding deprecations

  • Improved build efficiency to reduce Xcode compile time

App Store / App page improvements

  • Uploaded App Preview videos to the AppStore page

Version 6.2

March 14, 2023

iOS App Blocking improvements/fixes

  • Implemented support for blocking the selected web domains with App Blocking

App Blocking advertisement changes

  • Updated the displaying logic for App Blocking permission in the Important Actions to always display the message whenever the permission is not allowed (regardless of whether the user has any app blocking session or not)

  • Added the App Blocking state to Settings (iOS 16+ only)

  • Removed the Enhanced Blocking feature for iOS 16+ users (still available on iOS 15-)

  • Removed the Content Blocker message from Important Actions for iOS 16+ users (still showing on iOS 15-)

  • Removed the prompt message on session start that requested VPN install

Today screen improvements

  • Added the Anonymous Welcome popup message as a card in the Important Actions

  • Updated the “Time Zone Out Of Sync” copy and implemented syncing the time zone automatically

General improvements/fixes

  • Updated the Copyright year on the splash screen to 2023

App Store / App page improvements

  • Updated app title to "Freedom: Block Distractions"

  • Updated app subtitle to "Focus. Block apps. Be mindful."

  • Updated the list of search keywords

  • Updated description

  • Updated the Copyright year to 2023

Version 6.1

February 27, 2023

iOS App Blocking improvements/fixes

  • Fixed the App Blocking issue where apps are being blocked outside of sessions

  • Fixed the issue where app blocking did not start automatically after re-enabling the Screen Time permission

Introducing Today screen

  • Implemented the Today screen in place of the old Sessions tab

  • Implemented Important Actions to display any action the user needs to be taken to have the best blocking experience

  • Implemented Active Sessions to list all the sessions the user is currently running

  • Implemented Scheduled Sessions to display the user’s future and recurring sessions

  • Implemented Blog Feed that shows our posts

  • Redesigned the TabBar

  • Removed the deprecated Sessions tab from the app

General improvements/fixes

  • Fixed displaying the Scheduled Sessions sorted by their start times

  • Fixed an issue with session edits not being discarded after pressing cancel

App Store / App page improvements

  • Updated the iPhone/iPad screenshots on the App Store page

Version 6.0

January 30, 2023

  • Introduces our new App Blocking (available on iOS 16.0+)

  • TabBar redesign

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