As a result of restrictions placed by Apple, the iOS app has some limitations. We're always doing R&D to find ways to improve the app and make it more effective in the future.

Below are listed the known limitations of the iOS app, and workarounds if they exist.

Freedom for iOS

  • Needs to be open in the background, and sometimes it still doesn't update. Read more about this problem and how to solve it here: /troubleshooting/ios-troubleshooting/keeping-the-freedom-app-open-on-ios
  • Unable to block remote Notifications. As notifications are deeply embedded in the iOS system, we are not able to block them. In the meantime, we encourage you to tame notifications manually - it makes the device so much more pleasant.
  • Unable to block app launch. Freedom cannot prevent apps from launching on iOS. Freedom can only prevent apps from loading new, distracting content.
  • Inability to block certain apps. Apps require different blocking rules than websites - so to block apps, you need to figure out what servers the app is connecting to. We've put together a list of popular apps and their blocking rules here. We are working very hard to improve this process - to make app blocking much easier for you.
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