Yes! Freedom is compatible with iOS 10!

What we know so far - we've extensively tested on iOS 10, and have over 20000 people running Freedom on iOS 10 at this point. That being said, as an operating system goes into the wild, we learn about potential issues. Here is the main problem we've seen:

iOS 10 VPN profile removal

One issue that we've seen is the iOS upgrade seemingly deleting all VPN profiles. To solve this, delete the Freedom app, restart your phone, and do a fresh install of Freedom. You may need to do this once or twice to get the VPN configuration to stick.

Page caching

We've had some reports of a website working in Safari after a block has been in place. Safari on iOS 10 seems to have some advanced caching - to solve this, please close the tab and, if you'd like to really be thorough, force-quit safari. The page won't load after that.

DNS Network settings

We've seen some issues with DNS Caching - the first step here is to temporarily put your phone in Airplane mode - this flushes the DNS cache.

If that doesn't solve it, one solution may be to use Google DNS. To do this, go to Settings -> Wifi -> [your network] and under DNS replace the current settings with:, (this is Google DNS).

As we get more information, we'll investigate - and our hope is that with the next Apple release, all bugs will be ironed out. Apple has a history of introducing bugs in major OS upgrades that affect the VPN service (which our app uses) - so we're hoping this will be smoothed out by the next release.

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