Starting a Freedom Block

Alright! Let's start a Freedom block. Before you do so, you'll want to be sure you've signed in to your Freedom clients on your desktop or mobile devices.

First, open up your Freedom Dashboard

You may start a block immediately by clicking on ' add a session'.

Input the amount of time you would like to block for (in minutes), then select the block list you would like to use and the device(s) for the block and click 'start'. Be sure that you set your block list how you want it prior to clicking 'start' as you will be unable to edit it once the block begins.

Scheduling a block

You can also schedule a block to start later, or start at a recurring time by clicking on the 'Start later' or 'Recurring session' tabs at the top of the grey window. For more information on scheduling a block, click here: How to schedule a block on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device

New to Freedom? Check out our video on getting started with the Freedom dashboard:

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