To block email on Windows, you can block your email app or block the URL for your email service.

Method 1: Block your email app

To block your email app from being opened, use Windows Desktop App Blocking to block your email client. Only open and active apps will populate in your "Manage Blocked Desktop Apps" list. If the email client you want to block doesn't appear, just open the app and refresh the blocked apps list. It should then appear.

Note: On Windows, desktop app blocking will quit blocked apps. Please use caution with this, as desktop app blocking will quit the app, potentially losing unsaved work if a Freedom session starts while you are working in an app you wish to block (e.g. drafting an email).

Method 2: block the URL of your email service

To block access to email via the browser, you will need to add your email provider's URL to your website blocklist. For more information on adding websites to your blocklist, please see Adding custom websites to a blocklist.

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