We encourage all customers to download our Freedom Version 5.0+, which has our best app and website blocking technology. Here are some tips for migrating from 3.0 to 5.0+.


  1. How to Install

  2. Update Your Schedules

  3. Last Step

  4. Still Having Trouble?

To Install:

  1. Start by downloading the most recent version of Freedom from the App Store. This is a new app, so it needs to be downloaded separately. Freedom 3.0 doesn't automatically update to 5.0.

  2. Once downloaded, open Freedom and sign in with your account email and password.

  3. To block on Safari, install the Freedom content blocker. On iOS 15+, you can find this setting under iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions. We also recommend turning on "All websites" under Safari > Content Blockers > Toggle "All Websites". On iOS 14 and older, you can find this under iOS Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. You may see the old version of Freedom on this screen as well. You can leave that on-- we'll be removing it later.

4. On the Settings tab of the iOS app, tap "Install" next to App Blocker to install the Freedom app blocker. The app blocker is needed to block apps, as well as content in other browsers like Google Chrome.

5. Use Touch ID or Passcode to install the Freedom VPN. You've finished installing Freedom!

Update Your Schedules:

The new version of Freedom will list your phone as a new device, even if it's the same phone you were using for Freedom 3.0. You will need to edit any scheduled and recurring sessions to include this new device name.

To update your schedules from the iOS app:

  1. Tap "Sessions" at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the name of the session you would like to edit. 

  2. Select "Devices" and check the name of the new device. 

  1. Go back to the "Edit Session" screen, and tap "Save." 

  2. Repeat this process for all of the sessions you want to add this device to.

Last Step:

Once you have Freedom 5.0 set up, you'll want to uninstall Freedom 3.0 from your device. For instructions on this, please see How to uninstall Freedom for iOS.

You can also delete the old device from your Freedom dashboard.

You should now be all set to use Freedom 5.0! 

Still Having Trouble?

If you're having any difficulty, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or chat with us via the green chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the page. We're happy to help!

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