Issue: I already purchased an older version of Freedom and/or Anti-Social. Will you continue to support the legacy version of Freedom or Anti-Social?

We've ensured that our latest legacy clients are compatible with Mac OSX up to version 10.11 and Windows up to version 10, and will support these clients to the best of our ability, but we would strongly encourage you to upgrade to the current version of Freedom.

How is the new version of Freedom better than our previous products?

Freedom not only combines the functionality of our older Freedom and Anti-Social apps, but it also adds a lot of great features! Some of these features include:

  • Coverage across all of your devices - you do not need to buy Freedom for each one of your computers, phones, or tablets.

  • Advanced scheduling tools - you can schedule your sessions in advance to commit to being distraction-free.

  • Mobile device compatibility - the new Freedom works on all iOS and Android devices.

  • Updated interface - we’ve updated it to a cleaner, modern look and feel.

  • Desktop App Blocking - block desktop apps on Windows or Mac!

Issue: I downloaded Freedom and/or Anti-Social years ago but lost the license/moved to a new computer/etc. Can you help?

Sure! Contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you in recovering those downloads.

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