Issue: I already purchased an older version of Freedom and/or Anti-Social. Will you continue to support the legacy version of Freedom or Anti-Social?

Everyone who purchased our legacy Freedom receives 12 months of support - and we will continue to honor that! We've ensured that our latest legacy clients are compatible with both OS X 10.11 and Windows 10.

How is the new version of Freedom better than our previous products?

Freedom not only combines the functionality of our older Freedom and Anti-Social apps, it adds a lot of great new features! Some of these features include:

  • Coverage across all of your devices - you no longer need to buy Freedom for each one of your computers, phones, or tablets.

  • A great new scheduler - you can schedule your sessions in advance to commit to being distraction-free.

  • iOS compatibility - the new Freedom works on iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone! Of course, we also work on Android phones and tablets.

  • A great new interface - we’ve updated to a cleaner, modern look and feel.

  • Desktop App Blocking - block desktop apps on Windows or Mac!

Here’s a tip from people who have already transitioned to the new Freedom: As Freedom combines the functions of Freedom and Anti-Social, you can use it both ways. Create a blocklist of your most distracting sites and schedule it for the morning and afternoon of each workday. Then, for when you need to truly focus on a single task, create a separate schedule that blocks the entire Internet.

Issue: I downloaded Freedom and/or Anti-Social years ago but lost the license/moved to a new computer/etc. Can you help?

Sure! Contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you in recovering those downloads.

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