Issue: I use Freedom and K9 Web Protection, but Freedom seems to cause K9 to stop working. How do I fix this?

Freedom and K9 can work together quite nicely! To ensure that Freedom does not block the K9 Web Protection filter, please follow these instructions.


  1. Open up System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies. 
  2. Add * to the "Bypass proxy settings for these hosts & domains." field. 
  3. Then press OK, and then Apply. You may need to restart your computer if K9 has been complaining.


On your Windows computer, open up

  1. Windows 10: Settings -> Network & Internet -> Proxy -> Advanced
  2. Windows 8: PC Settings -> Network Proxy -> Advanced
  3. Windows 7 and XP: Internet Options -> Configure Proxy Server -> LAN Settings -> Proxy Settings -> Advanced

From there, add * to the the field "Bypass proxy settings for these hosts & domains". Press OK, and then Apply.

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