Important note: This article refers to Freedom for iOS Version 3.0.  Our latest app, Freedom 5.0, is not impacted by DNS Hijacking.  If you are affected, please make sure you upgrade to our latest version, which will solve the problem for you!

Issue: Freedom will on work on my phone on WiFi, but not 4g/mobile data. Alternatively, Freedom works on 4g/mobile data but not on WiFi.

Some internet service providers (ISPs) such as the the provider of your home internet, or the provider of your mobile phone data, will employ a practice called " DNS hijacking" which intercepts certain types of internet activity for various purposes, such as the display of advertisements, or surveillance of user activity.

Which devices are affected by DNS Hijacking?

In the current version of Freedom, only iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) can be affected by DNS hijacking. Mac and Windows are not affected.

How do I know if my Freedom sessions are being defeated by DNS hijacking

The simplest way to know if your mobile device is experiencing DNS Hijacking is to test if Freedom is working when it's connected to WiFi vs. when it's connected to your mobile data connection. If Freedom is working on one but not the other, then it's likely that the network it's not working on is experiencing DNS Hijacking.

To be extra sure, you can also do this test on each network:

  1. Start a session on your iOS device, either from the phone app, the desktop app, or the dashboard. For the purposes of this test, it doesn't matter what sites you are blocking.
  2. In the Freedom app on your device, ensure that the session is running and that it includes your iOS device (one of the devices listed in the session should say "(this device)" next to it.
  3. Visit If the site is blocked, Freedom is working and your device is not experiencing DNS hijacking. If you can visit and read the website, then your device is experiencing DNS hijacking.
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