Issue: I want to run Freedom on OS X 10.8 -- is this possible?

Sure! You can download Freedom for OS X 10.8 here - Freedom for OS X 10.8

You can find complete installation instructions here - Install Freedom for OS X

Why do we have a separate release for OS X 10.8?

In 2016, Apple started deprecating support for OS X 10.8. This means that developer libraries that are being produced for the newest version of OS X are no longer compatible with 10.8.

To solve this, we have created a separate release for users of OS X 10.8.

Parity with 10.9+

This version has the same functionality as our clients released for 10.9+. This client is a special release for OS X 10.8. If you are on OS X 10.9 or later, please use Freedom for OS X 10.9+ - it will work more efficiently with your system.

Still on 10.8 and want to upgrade?

It is generally a good idea to upgrade your Mac laptop to the most recent version of OS X. Apple offers a free upgrade to OS X 10.9 and later via the App Store. If you'd like to upgrade, open the App Store, and search for "Mavericks." You can then download and install the upgrade for free.

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