Issue: Freedom is blocking the content I want, but I'm still receiving notifications for my blocked apps.

"Cindy has replied to your comment" (Argh!)

The tiny messages that pop up and interrupt you on your iPad or iPhone are called Push Notifications.

These notifications are sent from the service, to Apple, and then Apple send them to your phone or tablet.

Unfortunately, Apple expressly forbids (under threat of removal from the App store) anyone interfering with push notifications. Freedom, and any other app, is forbidden from intercepting or blocking them. It is a bummer because they are so distracting.

As a short term solution, there are two solutions:

  1. First, you could disable notifications for that particular app by opening Settings -> Notifications, and then turning that app's notifications off.

  2. Alternately, you could enable Do Not Disturb (Settings->Do Not Disturb) which stops certain notifications, but not all.

We hope that down the road, Apple makes a smart decision and allows us to start filtering these notifications. Thank you for understanding.

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