Important note: This article refers to Freedom for iOS Version 3.0.  Our latest app, Freedom 5.0, has significant improvements in performance.  If you run into a problem with Freedom, please make sure you upgrade to our latest version, which could solve the problem for you!

Here are some things to look into if you are having problems with Freedom on iOS:

  • Blocks not working on your iOS device? Freedom might not be open! Check out our document here for more info: Keeping the Freedom App Open on iOS
  • Not receiving notifications of sessions beginning or ending? You might need to enable Background App Refresh. Check out our document here for more info: iOS Background App Refresh
  • Not receiving notifications, having issues with blocklists or sessions syncing, or having sudden issues? Running on Low Power Mode can cause some of these problems. Check here for a fix: iOS Low Power Mode
  • Freedom is only working on either Wifi or mobile data? Freedom is only working on your desktop but not on your iOS device Check out this article for some tests and information on what might be causing the problem: DNS Hijacking

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