Offtime for Freedom Android Users

We've heard from many Freedom users that they'd like an Android client.  To address this, we are proud to offer paid Freedom subscribers free premium access to  Offtime.  

Offtime lets you track and customize your connectivity (and limit phone usage) so you can do the things that matter. Unplug, digital detox and focus on your work, have quality time without distractions with the people you care about, or simply enjoy some peace of mind.

To claim your Offtime code, visit your  profile page.  Please note, Offtime upgrade codes are only available to paid subscribers.

Information about Offtime:

  • Please note, Offtime is a standalone service and does not sync with Freedom.  That said, if there is enough interest we will work on ways to get the products synced.  
  • Your Offtime premium account does come with scheduling and all advanced features, so you should be able to sync things up nicely with a little work.  
  • To upgrade Offtime, please enter your upgrade code directly into the app.  
  • Your code covers all of your Android devices.

How to upgrade Offtime with your Freedom code:

First, install Offtime from the Google Play store.  Once Offtime is installed and you have gone through the basic configuration, follow these steps.

Click on the menu in the top right.

Then, click Unlock Offtime Pro

On the following screen, click Enter Offtime Code

Enter the code found on your profile page.

Press OK, and you're all set!